Ear Lobe Repair

Has your love of heavy dangling earrings lead to a torn or split earlobe? The specialists at Maryland Specialty Group (MDSG) in Glenn Dale, Maryland offer a simple and effective repair procedure to restore your earlobe to its previous appearance and shape. Call the office today or request a consultation online.

What is an earlobe repair?

Your soft earlobe is composed of skin and fat which makes it easy for weight, gravity, or trauma to pull through its tissue. This often results in a torn or split earlobe. The specialists at MDSG perform earlobe repair surgery to rebuild the appearance of your earlobe. This reconstructive procedure involves cutting away the healed skin on the inside of your torn earlobe, then suturing the fresh edges together. This process results in a naturally-looking earlobe with minimal scarring.

Who is a candidate for earlobe repair surgery?

Surgery to repair a torn earlobe is a common practice. Every time you pierce your earlobe, you put it at risk of tearing. Your earlobe can partially or completely tear for a variety of reasons. If the following scenario applies to you, you are a good candidate for earlobe repair surgery:

What can you expect during the earlobe repair surgery?

The specialists at MDSG first remove any skin lining the split in your torn earlobe to create a raw edge. Using very fine sutures, your specialist stitches the fresh edges back together. This short procedure is done in office using local anesthetic. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete — depending on the severity of your split. You can go home same day and return to your daily activities.

What can you expect following your earlobe repair surgery?

The specialists at MDSG typically remove your sutures five to seven days following your surgical repair. The following includes some general post-op instructions:
Your specialists review all the details of the procedure and post-procedure expectations and answer any questions you might have.

Can you wear earrings after the earlobe repair surgery?

If your wound heals properly and you aren’t experiencing sensitivity, you can wear regular earrings six weeks after surgery. You still should avoid heavy jewelry as it can still tear the repair.
If your ear-piercing hole closed up during your surgical repair, you can usually re-pierce your ear six weeks after surgery. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t re-pierce in the same area as your scar. The piercing should be done at a slight distance from your scar since your repaired site is weaker than the surrounding tissue and is more susceptible to tearing.
If you think you or a loved one is a candidate for an earlobe repair, call the specialists at MDSG or request an appointment online.