MonaLisa Touch
Vaginal Laser

Maryland Specialty Group (MDSG) is a leading OB/GYN who serves patients in and around Glendale, Maryland and the surrounding Washington DC Metropolitan area. At our practice, MDSG offers patients advanced treatment of vaginal conditions related to hormonal changes. Using the MonaLisa Touch system, MDSG can help to restore normal vaginal function and relieve discomfort.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is an innovative laser treatment designed to address reduced vaginal function and discomfort associated with hormonal changes. This system can treat the symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as burning, dryness, and itching through minimally-invasive laser therapy. The MonaLisa Touch helps patients by rehydrating the walls of the vagina and stimulating collagen production which can help to treat discomfort and reverse vaginal atrophy.
Childbirth, as anyone who’s been through it knows, can feel very much like an extreme sport. And, it turns out, some childbirth-related injuries are surprisingly like sports injuries, including the very long time they need to heal. Many women suffer silently, and those who seek treatment find their options limited to estrogen therapy, specific exercises or additional medications which aren’t for everyone. MDSG is proud to offer our patients a new, FDA approved vaginal laser therapy called the MonaLisa Touch to treat symptoms such as vaginal burning or itching, urinary incontinence including stress and urge incontinence, painful intercourse, vaginal laxity issues, and chronic vaginal infections. Over the course of our lives, 4 out of 5 women will suffer from at least one of these issues. Whether you are a new mother or a grandmother that is starting to see the effects of menopause, MDSG will create a custom treatment option for you with the MonaLisa Touch.
Symptom relief in as little as ONE visit!

What Conditions can the MonaLisa Touch Treat?

Part of life and aging for women are hormonal changes. Unfortunately, the changes can cause unwanted symptoms. When estrogen levels drop off because of menopause, cancer treatments, hysterectomies, or breast feeding these side effects can occur. The system can treat:

What Happens During the Procedure? Is it Safe?

During the treatment, a special fractional CO2 laser is used. This laser has been designed specifically for applications in gynecology. The doctor performing the procedure has been extensively trained and it will not require anesthesia. The factors all make the procedure very safe. The treatments usually last about five minutes. To get the best results, three treatments will be administered over the course of 12 weeks. The procedure should also not cause discomfort. If a patient is sensitive, anesthesia can be used to reduce any discomfort they may feel.

What Will Recovery Be Like?

The patients will be able to return home as soon as the procedure has ended. For the next two to three days, patients should avoid sexual activity. After this time period, patients can go back to their normal routine. Usually patients notice a change after the first treatment. The doctor will provide specific instruction to patients following the procedure and it will be important to adhere to those recommendations. If you are dealing with these symptoms, contact the office to schedule a consultation with MDSG.

Who Can Benefit from the Treatment?

Women dealing with vaginal atrophy caused by hormonal changes and are frustrated by the symptoms it causes, especially pain during intercourse, are very good candidates for the procedure and can experience numerous benefits. The treatment is ideal for those who don’t wish to use hormone replacement treatments or undergo major surgery. MonaLisa Touch treatment can improve a woman’s sexual well-being and improve her quality of life without even more side effects occurring.