PRP Hair Loss
Injection Therapy

What is PRP Hair Loss Injections?

PRP stands for ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’, and PRP Hair Loss Injection Therapy is used for natural looking hair restoration, using your own blood cells and natural platelet stimulation. Suitable for both women and men, this non surgical, alternative procedure, harnesses your bloods own innate capacity for regeneration and growth stimulation.
Hair loss, thinning and various forms of alopecia are becoming more common now than ever. There are a variety of genetic, hormonal, nutritional, lifestyle, stress and other co-factors which contribute to the onset and progression of baldness and/or hair loss, however, one isolatory cause is yet to be discovered. Until such time, stimulating and supportive treatments such as PRP prove effective in not only supporting hair regrowth, but actually preventing hair loss, to begin with, along with providing a baseline for hair maintenance (compared to no treatments), measured over periods of time.
Given the successful modern breakthroughs in various Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, it stands to reason that hair growth can benefit from this innovative application too. Simply by using a thin needle, your very own blood is injected into the scalp and any areas of concern, for direct restoration.
In each human body, the blood within contains active growth factors which effectively promote stimulation and growth. PRP Hair Loss Injections can be employed in conjunction with further supportive hair growth treatments for even more noticeable results. The end goal is to generate natural, healthy, fuller hair, for a reacquisition of genuine self-esteem, and improved confidence.
The results are promising, and while PRP hair loss treatments are still in their earlier days, there’s much to be gained.

What are the Benefits of PRP Hair Loss Injections?

The benefits cannot be understated. PRP is a preventative, maintenance and safeguard methodology that works to mitigates further hair loss.
At Maryland Specialty Group (MDSG), we are enthusiastic about combining this technology with further stimulating and supportive therapies, such as:
We recommend that clients who are serious about mitigating hair loss engage in a cyclical session of strategically designed treatments. Typically, we recommend on average three to five PRP Hair Loss Injection sessions over a six month period, or, for longer-term treatments, a session every four to six weeks ongoing.
Important Note: Every client requirement is unique. We strongly recommend booking a consultation prior to the purchase of any treatments, packages or other supportive service.