Improve your intimate life with Viveve. Like the rest of the female body, the vagina does age which can lead to many problems for women. Dryness, urinary incontinence, pain during intercourse and vaginal laxity, just to name a few. The Viveve treatment utilizes the Viveve® System, a patented, monopolar radiofrequency technology for renewing tissue just inside the vaginal ‘introitus’ or opening. Viveve can significantly improve your life by improving these conditions in just a single treatment.

What is Geneveve™ by Viveve?

Geneveve™ is a unique treatment, using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to stimulate the body’s collagen formation and natural regeneration process. The innovative heating and cooling process safely tightens the vaginal tissues to reverse laxity and improved physical sensations during sexual intercourse.

Where is the Geneveve™ treatment performed?

The Geneveve™ treatment is performed in a comfortable, private room in either the Santa Rosa or Novato Plastic Surgery Associates’ office.

How long does a Geneveve™ session take to perform?

A Geneveve™ treatment takes 30 minutes. Only one session is required, and the results from Geneveve™ can be expected to last for 12 months or longer.

When will I notice the results from Geneveve™?

While every patient is unique, most patients will see the full benefits of their Geneveve™ treatment in about three months, as the natural collagen supply is restored.

What are the risks or side-effect of Geneveve™?

The radiofrequency energy used in Geneveve™ is gentle enough to safely treat delicate tissues, meaning little chance for complications. Side-effects are minimal and no adverse issues have been reported.